Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sewing Projects

Amy decided months ago that I needed to start sewing & selling doll clothes again because....Mom they are just so cute & you sold a lot before!  Ahhhh, flattery!  And before, she and her dolls were excited to get each of the new outfits!  We picked out some new patterns.  I cut out all the pieces to one pattern on Tues., its a cute set with pajama top and pants, bathrobe, slippers, sleeping bag, pillow, and tote bag to hold 2 18" dolls.  I decided to be smart and fuse the pieces to interfacing so they don't wear out as quick.  I cut out 2 bathrobes from a yard of fabric & cut out 2 pairs of slippers from the scraps.  I thought the slippers were so cute that I would sew them first ~~~~~ ARGH!  I never got them right, tried & ripped out the stitches 4 or 5 times.  They can just look cute pictured on the envelope (I will probably try again at some point)

Wed. was supposed to be our sewing day with friend Angel, but her daughter was sick & had a dr. appt.  We were going to work on quilted wall hangings for the fair.  I decided to machine embroider my squares and had 2 of them completed.  So I took this time to go ahead and finish the others.  I also embroidered some handkerchiefs for Greg for his birthday next week. 

Today, I took my first Heirloom sewing class.  I was so excited as I had wanted to take one of these classes for years.  The project was a little baby bonnet done in white Swiss Batiste with lace & embroidered piece accents.  The class was supposed to last from 9:30-12:30 ~ no one was done by the end time...I left at 2:00 and am not finished completely.  When I left, there were still folks working.  What was done is pretty, I do have one little section to hand tack.  I just have the little hem left on the back to thread the thin ribbon through & attaching the ribbon to the front sections to try under a baby girl chin!  I NEED a granddaughter to wear this little jewel! 

My thoughts on this type of sewing ~ hard comes to mind!  Time consuming!  Very detailed!  Extremely feminine and pretty!  This could be a one of a its kind project, haven't decided if it will be repeated!  I do have enough swiss batiste to do another one, but I would need to buy the lace & I need a smaller needle for this fabric.  This class is a requirement for another other classes.  In March is an heirloom dress class ~ I don't think I am ready for that larger project yet.

Lots of projects ~ nothing completed!  Tomorrow is another day! 


  1. Wow that a lot of sewing. I wish I could do the things you do. I can quilt,but that;s about it.

  2. Thanks...but I am learning too! I started with sewing the doll clothes because I figured if I messed it up it was just a tiny peice of fabric and not a lot of money invested. I probably started sewing 10-12 years ago.


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