Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Menu for This Week & other food stuff

Amy wants me to go back to doing the menu by days ~ so I will give it a try ~

Sunday night we had homemade Chili with grated cheese
Monday was Pork Roast (cooked in crockpot), cooked broccoli, carrots, green beans
Tuesday ~ spaghetti
Wed. ~ fried ham slices, baked sweet potatoes, a green vegetable
Thursday ~ Tortilla Crust Pizza's
Friday ~ Bacon Burgers (venison), mashed cauliflower, cooked broccoli
Sat. ~ Chicken Enchiladas (low carb tortillas)

We are gearing up for Honduras.  This time the team is about 10 people and we will be doing Bible School/Backyard Bible Clubs, or whatever you call them.  We will be eating breakfast at the motel ~ packets of oatmeal or grits or something similar, sandwich lunches out in the ministry areas, and dinners out in town.

We are trying to figure out our food situation ~ we can control it at home, and we can control it when we go out to eat here.  Down there is going to be trickier ~ so, do we carry our atkins stuff for breakfast, lunches, and snacks?  Do we eat a packet of grits for breakfast (ok carb wise but not great)? Or do we just eat what everyone else does and not worry about it for a week? The last option would be by far the easiest.  But whats easy is not always whats best.  We are going to carry our peanut packets and some bars for snacks.  We can get diet drinks down there~ don't know if they make Diet Mirinda (my favorite Orange drink, and its made by Pepsi down there) but since I only get Mirinda there I am going to risk that! 

We haven't decided what to do yet.  We are both stuck weight loss wise ~ maybe eating regular and then starting over when we get back would jump start the weight loss again.  We've still got days to decide ~~~~~

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  1. You might be stuck because of the diet drinks. I was stuck for almost three months when someone told about diet drinks stopping weight lose. So I quit drinking them. Two weeks later I lose 4 pounds and I continued to go down. I don't understand how it works, but it did. Hope this helps.


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