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Monday, January 13, 2014

A New Business Venture?

I have found several pictures on Pinterest that I would love to turn into cross stitch ~ but drawing a cross stitch pattern out by hand and trying to figure out the spacing is tedious & very time consuming...I have done it!  And after all that work ~ it may not even be appreciated because no one else knows the time it took to do the work and then to stitch it.

Greg bought me a new toy last week that will greatly help ~ its a computer program that makes cross stitch designs.

Ethically, I can't take someone else's art and make a cross stitch design and sell it ~ that would infringe on tons of copywrite laws.  But I can take one of my own pictures and transfer it to cross stitch & sell the design OR take an idea and make it my own (there are a couple of those we are working on now!).  And since I am married to a computer wiz/engineering genius, he is having a blast with this program!  So we shall see where this adventure takes it ~ it could be the beginning of Jackson Publishing!

As he was playing around the other day ~ he found an awesome, very special lettering font & promptly made me a picture to stitch ~

I have the border to do and then its done!  This is for our tiniest Tapley buddy ~ who has a loving spirit, precious laughter, beautiful eyes, sweet hugs, loves all things Minnie Mouse & happens to be hearing impaired.

Last night, as I was stitching, Greg was figuring out how to letter some art I found.  Then he will transfer it to the cross stitch program & a new pattern is born!


  1. That little Tapley girl is certainly a special little girl! She's so blessed to have you as her adopted grandma as well as her brothers and sisters!!!!

  2. Why not, Donna? With your skills, I know you can pull it off! Creating intricate designs will surely gather you a lot of buyers. If ever you finalize everything, you can rely on professionals to acquire certification regarding your business. Good luck! :)

    Barton Wilson @ ISA Registrar


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