Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Grandma's Walk of Fame

A lovely friend gave me a cross stitch pattern before little Robert was born that could be stitched and then stamped with tiny newborn footprints & personalized with his name & birthdate ~ his was done and I took it to their home and we inked his precious little feet!

We did the left foot first & he wasn't really excited about the right foot being done ~ Its a little smeary.  I brought the little picture home & it sat, safely, on my desk for 18 months ~ unfinished.  I just added his name and birthdate last week.

Now I am stitching another ~ Roberts little brother, Thomas, will make his world debut in Feb.

I started his picture, yesterday!  My plan is to have a Grandma Walk of Fame Wall ~ hopefully with lots of little footprint pictures of my grandbabies!

I also finished this yesterday ~

Now it just needs a frame ~ then it goes to our tiniest Tapley sweetie!


  1. So cute and such a good idea for a "wall of fame." I love it!

  2. What a great idea. Wish I had started something like this when I had my first grand child. It's a little late now He is 17 years old almost 18. Where does the time go?

  3. Cute ... makes me wish I knew how to cross stitch :)


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