Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Start

Happy 2014!  Can't wait to see all the surprises & blessings & challenges the new year will bring!

I don't like resolutions because most are easily made and just as easily broken.  They usually last 6 weeks and then its back to life as usual. 

So we will just continue as we have been ~

counting carbs & losing weight (it stalled during the holidays but at least didn't gain any)

studying the Bible & listening to awesome teachers who preach the word & not their opinions (as one gentleman says ~ Preach the word and let it speak for itself)

visiting with family & friends

serving the Lord at church, in our community & on Mission Trips

Remember to express thankfulness ~ both in person & by note, email or text

lots of crafting

more reading

being deliberate in our words & actions ~ speak honestly & be ourselves ~ treat others the way we want to be treated regardless of their actions in return

learn new things

keep decluttering ~ books, old clothes, no longer used items, kitchen cabinets (don't mention the craft room....those are collections!)

We had a great family dinner last night with my sister & her family and Allen & Jennifer ~ its rough to live so far away and not be more involved.  That is a matter of prayer for our long distance relationships & my attitude.

I found this little goodie on Pinterest & really like it ~
I love it has Bible references under each one.

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  1. I think we should add "Mind your own business" out of Thessalonians to this list. ~Greg


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