Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cousin Time

Yesterday was a great time of visiting with my cousins!  My cousin Sandy & her husband Tony came over & brought their little grandson Patrick.  And her nephew Billy Jake (who lives in California) and we haven't seen him in years!  Billy Jake is 5 months older than Amy ~ he always referred to her as little Amy, I guess since since she was younger than him.  It really irked him when she got taller than him at about 11 or 12 years old.  They saw each other a couple of years ago while he and his dad were visiting GA and I think the height was even.....not anymore!  He is officially taller!  The conversation yesterday....

He walks in ~
Amy says, yep you are taller now (then she stands up)
BJ says, yeah, but not by much! 

Then she did get to gloat over the fact that he is a senior and she graduated a year early ~ then she found out that he was getting a car from someone in his moms family & its a mustang ~ one of the cars on her wishlist.  So the rivalry continues! 

Patrick came because his mom & dad were at the hospital having his little brother, Grant.  Little Grant was born about 7 or so last night and weighed 8lb 4oz. 

My aunt & uncle also came to visit & my sister and my niece Bethany!  My aunt had tremendous amount of sickness this year ~ strokes & pneumonia ~ and yesterday looked better than I had seen her in the whole year.  We are thankful for her recovery to this point.

Bethany, Amy & Billy Jake played basketball for a while then came in to play with Patrick & watch some football.

What we originally thought was going to be a short visit turned into several hours of funtime!

Look Bethany is tall too!

Haha...she is cheating!

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