Friday, November 22, 2013

Net Galley Book Review

"The Amish Groom" authored by Mindy Starns Clark & Susan Meissner

The Amish Groom is the story of young man named Tyler.  Tylers mom was Amish & left home & the faith at an early age to pursue what she thought was a better life.  She met & married Tylers father and they followed him where ever the military moved him.  At 6 Tyler's mom died & after the funeral he is sent to live with his Amish grandparents ~ from age 6, Tyler is raised Amish, with their clothing, customs, faith.  His best friends are his cousin Jake, his girlfriend Rachel, and his dog Timber. Tylers father remarries & has another son, Brady.  Tylers story fluctuates between his love of the Amish & everything they stand for & his "jealousy/confusion" over the life he could have been living~ the life he was born into.  Tyler spends much time comparing the 2 different lifestyles, faith, clothing, & freedoms before he reaches his final decision of whether or not to be baptized into the Amish faith.  While a fiction story, its probably similar to many conflicts that youth of the Amish deal with when they are deciding their future of either staying/being Amish or leaving for the "English" world. 

It was a very good book.  I enjoyed reading it & am looking forward to the books to come.

Donna Jackson

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