Monday, November 18, 2013

Different Blog Titles ~~~~~

Wow, look what happened!
What Idiots!
This is a mess!
Did they steal anything?
Is my camera still in the car?
Somebody call the police!
So, we are in St. Louis ~ got here and checked into our hotel & headed to Katies house.
We got there, ate dinner, played with the baby, and headed out to go bowling.
Katie, Bryant, and Amy bowled ~ Greg and I played with Robert.
Walked out to the car to find our passenger window SMASHED in. (Don't know why the car alarm did not go off)
Called the police, realized the gps was gone, the idiots left the camera in the back (praise the Lord), and stood out in the parking lot for 1 1/2 hours while the police & detective wrote up the report, dusted for prints, did mine & Gregs fingerprints to eliminate us, etc.
A bowling alley employee swept out a lot of the car and cleaned up the parking lot.  Bryant went to walmart and bought us plastic & duct tape......duct tape doesn't fix everything ~ a shocker, I know!

yep, I got fingerprinted!

Thankful for ~

no one being injured
an appt. to get our window fixed tomorrow
pretty low deductible
the ability to laugh at bad situations
my camera being left I the back of the van
a warm snuggy coat and gloves



  1. I'm glad your all OK :) Just out of curiosity why were you fingerprinted?


  2. They wanted to know which prints to eliminate and which to concentrate on - ours needed to be eliminated!


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