Friday, November 15, 2013

Burlap ~

I've wondered what the fascination with burlap was ~ seemed to happen overnight.
JoAnns & Hobby Lobby have a great variety of it ~ either by the bolt or sold in ribbon spools.
And lots of people are posting pictures of their loopy wreaths made with the burlap ribbon.
I decided to tackle one and see if I liked it.
Greg & I went to Hobby Lobby armed with our coupons ~ since I would have needed 2 spools to do my large front door wreath ~ we went with the option of buying a couple of yards & I cut and serged the edges myself....made my own "ribbon".  And since the fabric was 1 cut ~ I could still use a 40% off much cheaper to make than buying the ribbon spools.
I also remembered burlap being VERY hard to work with and it shedding everywhere ~ it must have improved some since the old days because it wasn't terrible.
It took 1 1/3 yards of 4 inch wide serged strips to do this wreath ~
It was kinda difficult to figure out how to loop the ribbon through the wire wreath frame so that it stayed but I finally got it.
Since I liked that one ~ I went and bought some brown burlap & orange serger thread and made these for Thanksgiving centerpieces...
I made 2!

I cut 3 inch strips of the burlap & serged ~ it takes 4 strips to make the small centerpiece wreaths.  I got the little jars & orange candles at Dollar Tree ... mason jars would have worked well too but mine were a little too tall for what I wanted. 

You do have to stop every 2 strips or so and brush out the serger but at least the burlap didn't shred & flake all over the sewing room!

It was lots easier to do the smaller ones than the larger one!  It came together quickly! 
Today I am Thankful for crafts that are easy to figure out!

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