Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wedding Finery

Our beautiful new daughter ~ Jennifer

My guys~looking great in their black suits and red shirts~

My 2nd born son ~ Allen Scott

waiting to see His Bride!

His first words..."You look Amazing!"

Showing off their cowboy boots!

Katie, Amy Kate, Jennifer, Amy Lynn & Me

The Ceremony

The Dip

First Dance

Girlie Fun!

They had the DJ sing happy Birthday to cousin Bobby for his 8th ~ he had to wear his Pirate gear!

Our first AWESOME bite of sweets in 3 months!  Allens wedding cake!

delicious cheating ~ only 2 bites!

family dance line ~ far right is little cousin Patrick, then Rob, Allen, Jennifer, AmyKate, Niece Bethany, AmyLynn, Katie & Bryant.  Front is my great niece Hailey

Line Dancing

Greg & I with my "first" family ~ Sister in Law Lorrie with her gang!

My Mom, Granny, and all her grandkids & greats!

Tired feet...we switched to comfy shoes!

cross stitch by Granny

grandson Robert & great niece Hailey dancing!

Robert and his mommy, Katie dancing

I'm not sure why the evening ended with Bethany tying Rob up with tulle.....but it did!

We had a very long day but very fun.  Greg got up Sat. morning and fixed everyone omelets for breakfast ~ which were yummy!  Then we ran a couple of errands (wouldn't ya know JoAnns would have a 1 day sale on a roll or quilt batting $249.99 down to $99 and then another 20% off that for my birthday coupon ~ we HAD to go!), a quick trip to Sams for Andy & Amys flat tire ~ then we headed to the venue.  I anticipated horrible traffic because of the GA/LSU game that day ~ we hit none...either coming or going~ and that is a miracle on a game day and we were very close to Athens.  We got everything set up, decorated, fixed, and took loads of pictures.

The Bride and Groom were beautifully radiant ~ so happy for their big day to finally be here!

And I was a Happy Mama!


  1. Congratulations on another beautiful wedding!!! You have a great looking family!!!

  2. Such a beautiful wedding, Jennifer looked so beautiful! Congrats again! You have a loving family and much to be proud of. The group pic is great - how many times did it take for Robert?


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