Friday, October 4, 2013

Lots of Help!

Lots of kids can mean lots of work ~ but it can also mean lots of help!  Sat. is meant lots of help, and Sat. would have been much more stressful on Greg and I if we didn't have all this excellent assistance.

Thanks James, Rob, Andy, Katie, Bryant, Will, Amy Lynn & Amy Kate for all the help ~ packing, unpacking, and repacking the cars ~ and then repeating on Sunday morning before everyone left.  Chopping vegies, filling cups, covering tables, cleaning up, doing hair & makeup for Jennifer, taking pictures, making coffee, filling food dishes, many trash runs, and the support ~ I was overwhelmed with everything and very grateful & thankful!

Chef Greg did pretty much all of the cooking

the dressing crew is at work

vegie chopping & bread slicing

setting up the serving tables

getting the bride ready

My "nod" to Allens love of UGA....bread basket liners

Beverage Station

ice fillers

My Nephew who took the wedding photos (Billy)
Granny did lots of stuff to make this weekend possible ~ feeding all of us for 3 or 4 days, providing beds for 12 people, lots of food buying & ham slicing, helping with all the decorations & ideas, and just being the best Granny these kids could ever dream of!

My sister & niece helped with pictures, getting ready & clean up (lots of cleanup). 

Robert helped by being cute & being calm & quiet for most of Sat.  Lots of walks, playtime, and snacks provided by many indulgent aunts & uncles!

My awesome husband once again went above and beyond my expectations & helped exceedingly, abundantly more than anyone can imagine!  I love you!

My ultimate thanks goes to the Lord for bringing Allen & Jennifer together.  For being with them through their trials and hardships of the last year.  For bringing them through these situations.  For the love He has shown to all of us and the wisdom He has provided.

It was an awesome day ~ Full of fun, laughter, tears, and Love!

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