Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Family Times

Just hanging out in great Granny's rocker

This was Amy's doll stroller when she was little ~ little Robert climbed in

gathered around Grannys dinner table

Grandma, my hat is a little big

brother/sister game night

Skinny is cooking rice for the wedding

Amy's Pirate Table for Bobby's 8th birthday

centerpieces by Allen & Jennifer for dinner

Just hangin' out while everyone gets ready for a wedding

Command hooks are great for pew bows

Auntie Amy has the boy on a tulle leash ~ he kept trying to get into the kitchen

Excellent kitchen helpers

right before getting decked out in wedding finery!


  1. Looks like a lovely family time! We just had family here as well & have a similar little rocker the grandkids loved sitting in

  2. Thanks Sharmayne! The little rocker was bought for my mom by her dad in the early 1940's at a place in the Smokey Mountains!


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