Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I got it!!!!!

It took lots of praying ~ lots of schedule wrangling ~ and almost giving up ~ but I got a picture/s that I have wanted to redo for 7 years & then the additional one adding in all our bonus children ~~~~~

Introducing my family

2006 ` back..Andy, James, Rob, Allen Front...Katie, Will, Amy

2013 Back..Rob, Andy, James, Allen front..Amy, Katie, Will

adding in our bonus children ~AmyKate, Jennifer, Bryant, & grandson Robert

Grandmas Little cowboy!

The vest was a little too big!

I was especially thrilled with our front porch picture ~ when we got home from the wedding on Sat. we realized we never got a picture of all the kids and us all together at the wedding....there was always someone missing.

The wedding was gorgeous ~ the bride and groom were beautiful ~ we had plenty of food ~ and those 2 bites of wedding cake Greg and I indulged in were amazing!  Lots more pictures to follow during this week!


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