Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Busy, Busy!

We've had some busy days here and then some wonderfully long, slow, relaxin' days.

Amy had 4 cupcake order for this weekend.  So she was baking 1 batch of each....lemon with lemon icing, chocolate with chocolate icing, vanilla with vanilla, and a new one...peanut butter with pb icing!  These were for 3 birthday parties and a shower for my new daughter in law (got married in March).  I washed lots of dishes, pans, and mixing bowls for her & resisted the temptation to lick the chocolate icing off my finger and wash it instead ~ Donna 1 / icing 0!

2 wonderful ladies gave this shower for AmyKate at church last Sunday.  They did an old fashioned "pounding"....where the bride is blessed with many pantry items & staples for her kitchen.  The timing was perfect because they will be moving into their new apartment tomorrow or the following day!  AK and Andy were blessed with giftcards, canned goods, paper products, storage containers, spices, plastic wraps, baskets, clothes detergent, baking products/mixes, etc.  I appreciate my church friends for blessing AmyKate and Andy.   Now they have lots to fill their cabinets with!

I've got several projects I have been working on for Jennifer and Allens shower this weekend at my moms.  As I told Allen yesterday ~ I have some awesome gifts for you.....none of which are on your gift registries ~ and the best thing is, he won't be able to guess what they are.  And just on the off chance that he may read this blog post ~ I can't share with anyone!  I am excited to see his reaction to these gifts.  All will be very special to him!  And I've got goodies for Jennifer too!  Now I just have to safely get these treats to GA.

Greg and I are still doing great on our diet!  I've lost 19 now and he is right at or above 30.  Personally, I don't think its fair that guys can lose faster and more than gals ~ just my opinion!  The dr. said after 5-6 days on this diet we would get energy and feel better.....honestly, it took a good 3 weeks for me to notice I had energy.  We've been swimming for exercise and yesterday, we dusted off the treadmill and got to walking.  We could walk outside....but its 97 degrees with 100% humidity ~ its hard to walk to the mailbox and back in that.   We did get an emergency food list to use on our travels next week.........I am most excited about the green beans and carrots on the list!  Yum!  Just the anticipation is enough to keep me going right now!

I've got lots of pictures from this weekend....but can't download them.  Honestly, does any like Windows 8? 

Update.....I published this, got out of all my programs and HEY, there is the screen to download my pictures.....this is so confusing!  Here are some shots of the goodies and fun!

Amys cupcakes are GORGEOUS!

Bluebelle came into visit ~ the back of her hutch was falling apart and Greg built a new backing!

Cupcakes for the shower

Goodies for AmyKate and Andy!

beautiful table setting by the hostesses

Tie Dyed flowers made of marshmallow fondant

2 squirts!  Ragen and Kaytee Beth!  Love these girls!

bucket of spices from Greg and I

canning jar lotion & soap dispensers!

Apron made from some of Andys great grandmothers fabric.

baskets/bags of blessings!

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