Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Its back to school time.....No, not at our house!

Every where we go ~ there are huge aisles of back to school supplies.  While we don't NEED any, its still fun to look.  And this is a great time to buy our goodies for packing the shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.  Crayons, pencils, scissors, notebooks, etc., can all be found for really cheap prices.

I've been shopping with a friend for lunch box stuff for her little ones.  They are starting school tomorrow and are so excited to meet their teachers this morning.  There are lots and lots of ideas and boards on Pinterest for "out of the box" lunches ~ not just sandwiches, chips, and a treat.  Great inspiration can be found there.  These would have been great ideas to use for Amy, had she gone to school....she is not a big sandwich person anyway and one everyday would have terrorized her.  Dollar Tree and Walmart have small, inexpensive containers for dips, tiny crackers, plastic containers with dividers, and freezer packs to keep everything safe!

Last night our town hosted a Back to School Bash.  Our church was contacted to see if we wanted to set up a booth for handing out church information.  We decided to hand out flyers for the church, pencils & snowcones for the kids/adults.  Since this was a first for the city, we had no idea what to expect.  The event was advertised to run 4-6 and the "vendors" could set up anytime during the day.  We went up to the church and help crush ice for the treats and got to City Hall about 2:30.  Set up was pretty easy.  At about 3:30 the masses started arriving and kept coming till 6.  It was very steady and at times a bit overwhelming.  And to say the place was packed, is an understatement.  And most everyone was giving away something....certificates for free food, pencils, notebooks, toothbrushes/toothpaste, lots of candy, many bags of popcorn, piggy banks, free cookies & sweet tea (mcallisters ~ my favorite, but I didn't indulge), and more.  Kroger was there, set up directly across from us, and they had fruit roll ups, goldfish crackers, boxes of candy, protein drinks, and the new caffeine free coke zero.  It was a fun time....the time flew by, we got to talk to and hand out over 250 snowcones, the highschool band played, the cheerleaders cheered, and everyone had a great time!

If they do it again next year....Amy wants a booth and she wants to give away cupcakes and her business cards~looking to expand the baking business.

Our prayers for this school year ~ for students & teachers ~ are for diligence, hard work, fun learning, healthy classrooms, safety, and compassion.  I know one little life that is going to change tomorrow when she starts kindergarten, but she will have a blast and bring sunshine and laughter to her classroom!

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  1. I love the back to school idea!

    sigh... school here has started...


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