Friday, August 2, 2013

Pinterest Ideas Completed!

We've been busy with accomplishing some ideas I found on Pinterest.
Seeing these ideas completed is awesome!
A "School Teacher" Goodie Basket for a new teacher friend!

 The basket contained bottles of glue, glue sticks, a water bottle & powdered drink mixes, hole punch, post it notes, rulers, crayons, pens, hand sanitizer, page markers & Tylenol!  And the recipient of this basket loved it ~ when else can you give a recent college graduate a basket of elementary school supplies!  This was a fun gift project!
My new spice "rack".
 We spent last weekend putting all of our spices into mason jars. And labeling the contents.
They fit great on the shelves that Greg built for me.  And they are very handy to have on the counter!
Greg routed the edges of the shelves for a fancy edge!
I read you can use the lids from Parmesan containers onto Mason Jars. 
Gregs new "coffee bar" ~ we made a special spot on the kitchen desk for his coffeepot, coffee canister,
and his work travel mugs are in the cabinet above the pot!

My household Crate
 My crate contains coupons, take out menus, new recipes to try, monthly folders for our receipts, my recipe/homemaker binder, clipboard for grocery shopping.  This is on the desk beside the coffee bar.

I've also put some command strip hooks on the inside of cabinet doors and hung up our stainless steel mixing cups.
Organization is fun!  And in these cases was free, since we already had everything.
Oops, we did have to buy the brackets to hold the shelves up ~ we needed 4 & got them at Home Depot.  About $6 for 4.
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  1. I'm with you pinterest has given me so many ideas. I love the coffee corner. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Some really great ideas! I need to do something to decrease the clutter on the kitchen counters! It drives me almost nuts some times. But you have inspired me to get to organizing the chaos.


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