Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Just stuff!

We are plugging along here!  The temps are a little cooler than normal for the summertime ~ but that's ok with me....its still in the 90's just not the 100's.

I guess our bodies are adjusting to the diet.  We seem to have a bit more energy and for the majority of the time, we aren't hungry.  It was a bit discouraging yesterday to step on the scales at the dr. office and their scale only showed a 2 pound drop.  But, it was late morning and I had already had my morning shake, 20 ounces of water, and a coke zero.  Next week, we are going at 8...this is too hard to be discouraged by a scale.  But our scales at home show a 12 pound loss since the end of June! 

Back to school stuff is everywhere ~ I think its funny that in the middle of the aisle of back to school supplies is a huge display of candy.  Lets pump them full of sugar and then expect them to listen....that isn't going to end well for the teacher or the students!  Here in Miss., school got out in May and will resume in 2-3 weeks.  I just think it was much easier when we were little....we got out the Friday before Memorial Day and resumed the day after Labor Day.  We are slowly cleaning out some of our homeschool supplies and gifting others.  But there is lots more to clean!

We've got another wedding on the horizon ~ the end of September.  My Allen & Jennifer are getting excited about their big day.  2 more months and I will have another daughter!  I'm working on some projects for them, but can't share any details yet.

My hand quilting is coming along.  But I really think those squares are multiplying and dividing overnight ~ everynight.  The quilt only has 4 sides...but everytime I "think" I am finishing a side and about to start the last one...it isn't the last side.  So at this point, I am going to be shocked when its actually done!

Time to go get something done!

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  1. Binding is another thing that seems to go on for ever. I swear it multiplies.


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