Monday, July 22, 2013

Testimony from Street Reach

The following testimony was written by the site Missionary ~ the site where our kids served last week~

 " It was a great week at Whittier!  Grace Baptist Church came with an unstoppable passion to see these kids change.  Several times in the week, team members expressed their desire to keep going despite the opposition*, they followed through perfectly.  Its almost as if the spiritual attacks were heightened this week against Whittier, which only encouraged the team more.  Knowing they were being opposed because something great was happening at Bible club, the team gave every part of themselves and poured loved on the kids in an amazing way.  And this love was evident to the kids.  They retained the Bible stories and were able to tell me the moral of the lesson each day, and each kids loved this weeks crafts, which enforced the Bible stories further.  The kids kept coming back each day despite the increasing heat, probing that the team had something they likes.  This wee, a lot of kids seemed to be broken hearted over the fact that summer is nearing its end, and many of them begged Grace Baptist to stay until the end.  This week in itself was a testimony to what God can do when we keep going and keep trusting Him, and because of this kids were able to be reached for Christ in a unique way, and a couple of the kids even ended u getting into one-on-one conversations with the team about who Jesus is and how to know Him."  Hannah

Our team got back Friday ~ honestly ready to go again.  And I think given the chance...they would not have come home.  The attacks against the group were quite intense last week ~ started with a leader stepping in a hole and badly spraining her ankle, first thing on Monday morning...then proceeded to one of our youth falling and dislocating his knee, another with a stomach virus, several colds and runny noses & and the temperature outside increased steadily.  Amy came home with a cold/allergy and has been taking meds all weekend.  All of these were spread out over the week.  One of the Street Reach Summer Missionaries told out team that they held the record for the most "injuries" to one team during a week ~ not really a record anyone wants to beat! 

They gave a report to the church yesterday morning on the trip ~ sniffling, sneezing, on crutches, and one in a wheel chair...looking a little battered and still tired.  The slide show right after the presentation was wonderful,  lots of our kids lovin' on and playing with these children.

At the end of the service the Pastor read the above testimony to the congregation! 

I am proud of the dedication, determination, courage, and energy our team had ~ for the whole week ~ in spite of the building opposition from the enemy.  What the enemy meant for harm & evil ~ the Lord used for His Glory.

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