Friday, July 26, 2013

A little bit of Everything

My green beans are flourishing ~ well the plants are lush and healthy, the beans are few and far between.  I did pick enough yesterday to can 4 pints.  I also canned some butter peas I had in a huge bag in the freezer, got 7 quarts of them.

I am trying to clean out the freezer and can a bunch of stuff.  Next is a huge bag of peaches we bought for jelly/jam.  They are thawing now.  After room is made in the freezer, Amy is going to have a cooking day for her and Will.  Since Greg and I started this diet/lifestyle change, she has taken over the cooking.  Then she can make some larger batches of food and freeze in smaller portions for lunches or dinners.

We took our 32 pound "puppy" to the vet the other day for her last set of puppy shots.  She won the vet and nurse over with her sweetness & then got home and went crazy again.  She has got lots of energy.  Chasing tennis balls and swimming in the pool are favorites of hers.

Pssst, I've made it to the last side of the quilt ~ the end is near!  But I am not rejoicing too loudly yet ~ just when I think I am nearing completion, I usually find a block I missed.

I've got some sewing projects going.  Amy and I have a glorious mess upstairs....buts its our mess ~ and we mostly know where everything is.  Amy is working on a machine quilted baby quilt to put in the fair & she made a cute owl potholder the other day that she is going to hand quilt.

Evenings are spent quilting, reading, or looking at goodies on Pinterest.  I've got far more projects and ideas that I've got time or money!  Inspiration is fun!

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  1. I know what you mean about making room in the freezer! I need to get some of the bags of blueberries out and make jam and pie filling.
    I've got some sewing going on but can't show it yet.
    Pinterest is a great place for inspiration and I love it too! :)


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