Monday, July 29, 2013

Successfully Cheating

What a title ~ but I guess that accurately describes us right now.  This all liquid (except for sugar free jello..does that count as chewing?) is getting to us ~ big time.  I can successfully make it all day...till about dinner time.  I am not really hungry ~ but just feel we have cheated, a little.

We have bought 2 salads from Subway on 2 different days.  They contain lettuce, spinach, bell pepper, a little tomato,  turkey & cheese.  Each salad is 110 calories & we split 55 calories each.  We do our own dressing with is sugar free, carb free, cholesterol free, etc....and amazingly not taste free.  Or we do the red or white wine vinegar.  We've also baked some fish and split the fillets.

So with all that being said....this last week I lost 4.8 pounds.  Added to the previous week and what I lost before we even started, I am up to 16.8.  Whoo hoo....throw the confetti....pop balloons or whatever!  So that's the total for the month of July ~ I pray August is just as successful~

So far, so good!

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