Friday, June 7, 2013


Our friends, the Foys, gave Amy & Will and their own daughter Emmalyn special graduation shirts this week.  Our homeschool group name is CLIF (Christian Learning in the Family) ~ our friend Angel made the shirts.

We had a photo session at church on Wednesday night before Bible School started ~~~~~

the graduates and Miss Angel!

Someone brought out swords! 

The girls were getting into the sword battle ~ can you tell they have brothers?

Practicing their song for Graduation

Our 3 graduates have decided to sing "Come Thy Fount of Every Blessing" during their graduation ceremony at church on Sunday.  They sounded great the other night!  Emmy is going to accompany them on her ukulele.   We are so proud of them and their accomplishments.

Today is our morning & afternoon dance rehearsals.  Then recital is tomorrow.  And graduation is Sunday.

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  1. I am really disappointed I will miss graduation. Give all three of them a hug for me and tell them how proud I am to know them!


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