Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Goodies in the Mail

I was a participant in a craft swap on Michelle's blog (  Gina (from Austin) and I received each others names...

My goodies came in the mail the other day ~
Bookmarks, a coaster, and coffee!  There were 2 quilted bookmarks ~ but the other one is fulfilling its life mission....holding my place in my book!

Thanks Gina!

Yours is going in the mail tomorrow ~ I'm sorry it took so long to mail, its been a busy week with graduation preparations, dance recital rehersals, and Bible School at church!

This was fun!  I hope Michelle does it again!

I can't tell anyone what I sent Gina...its a surprise!


  1. Everything looks great. Don't feel bad. I am hosting the swap and I just got mine in the mail. ( Bad Host , Bad Host ) I am hoping to do one around Christmas with a Christmas Theme.

  2. yeehaw - glad you liked! (:

  3. Donna - what a shot in the arm that was!
    I've already used my shopping a couple times...


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