Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Late Nights

When you watch tv at night ~ you can finish your show and turn off the set.  There are definite beginnings and endings to shows (most of the time).

But when you don't have on the tv and you read at night.....its harder to stop and turn out the lights.

Greg has certainly jumped on the reading bandwagon in the last 7 years.  And in the last month has devoured many books.  Amy & Will are readers.  And I have been one for the last.....however many years since I learned how to read ~ 1st grade?

Right now I am reading a set of Amish books by Wanda Brunstetter.  The set is "Sisters of Holmes County".  The books are great, I am on book 3 of 3.  The 3 books all flow together and all are mysteries.  Its gotten to where now I am seriously wondering who the bad guy/guys are because they are just mean fellows.  These books keep your attention and you never know what the next page is going to bring.

All this to say ~ I guess when you are laying in bed, falling asleep, and you drop the book on your face....its time to turn out the lights!  I am thankful the books are paperbacks!

But with our Bible School week and all the other activities ~ many nights of 11:30 bedtimes are wearing me out!

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