Sunday, June 9, 2013

Graduation Day~part 1

Today was a very LONG, and very AWESOME day for our family~

After all the planning, crafting, sharing ideas, posing for pictures, reserving graduation gowns, sending invitations, and lots of cupcake baking ~ it was time for graduation!

We shared the day with our friends the Foys, as their oldest daughter Emmalyn graduated.  Their first graduate and our last 2 highschool graduates.

We got some great ideas from pinterest, and they worked well!  This is the first of 2 installments of graduation~  more tomorrow!!

Amy"s senior table ~ pictures, fair ribbons, projects, and her new business cards!

Will's senior table ~ same as Amy's with the addition of his K'nex battery powered ferris wheel~

My handsome husband & youngest son

New daughter Amy Kate, helping Emmalyn & Amy Lynn get ready

pictures on the playground!

So excited for the day!
One of our pinterest projects...they are supposed to be candle stands but Amy turned ours into cupcake stands~

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  1. I hate we couldn't come today! Tell Amy and Will congratulations from our family!


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