Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Termites ~ Why?

Termites don't make sense.  They mission in life is to destroy wood.  And for such little buggers they do a fantastic job.  They fulfilled their life mission on our back porch.  There were some spots that were literally held together by the primer and paint.

Our whole back, screened in porch is gone ~ the more we looked, the more we found. 

The porch is completely open (like it was before) and will stay that way this summer.  We don't know whether to rebuild it or leave it, so for right now we are leaving it. 

The big colorful tiles will go back down to cover the rock/cement deck ~ its just too hard on bare summertime feet. But first we have to clean them. We are rearranging the whole setup and its wide open now.  The dogs are loving dashing in and out at every angle.

Greg & Will zip tied our outlet boxes and electrical cords to the awning frame, so we can put our colorful lights back up for the summertime.  His grandmothers old wood stove is now the tabletop for Gregs infrared fryer. 

Amy and I have taken all our cutesy statues and signs and washed them and will find new homes for them on the porch.  There were several years of pollen dumpings on them (here in the south the pollen doesn't dust dumps).  Her little play kitchen from Grannys is set up and our little Tapley friends had fun playing with everything the other night.  And they ate supper at the little table.

Hopefully, there will be some sewing time today!

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  1. I think termites came in with the thorns and thistles at the fall with Adam and Eve. - G


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