Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I am having a like/hate relationship with our new laptop.  I don't think its ever been elevated to a love/hate....there is no love here. 

Well, maybe its not the laptop, but it is with Windows 8.  I don't want apps.  I don't want to wade through apps just to get to my email.  And I certainly don't want to click on different apps to get to my facebook, pinterest, or the blog.

I also don't like not being able to easily use my swagbucks toolbar. 

I know that new things need time to "grow on you" but this is a daily annoyance.  I am not sure why windows even needed to update ~ I liked windows 7 just fine.

On the plus side (a little silver lining) ~ I do like that now I have a designated computer for my embroidery and I don't have to haul my laptop up and down the stairs.  When its running the emb. machine ~ you can't open another window to do anything else....it won't work. 

And on another note ~ I hate termites.  That is one of those creations that I just don't understand.  We knew that our porch had some water issues and Greg decided to work on the corner of the porch.  We also had some mouse issues and one had eaten through the screen on that corner.  (Mickey & Minnie are cute ~ these rodents aren't).  When he started removing the mouse eaten screen, he discovered ~ termites.  Now, the whole right side of the porch is gone ~ demolished~terminated~ by the road for the garbage men to dispose of.

What started as a "fix the corner" project is turning into a redo the whole porch project.  And while the finished porch will be great ~ the mess will drive me crazy for a while. 

I am appreciative of my hard working husband who will make this right, and who bought us a new laptop ~~~~~~~ he also has "choice" words to say about windows 8.  Glad its just not me!

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