Monday, May 27, 2013

More on "Why College"

First of all thanks for the feedback and comments.  Alison commented on my post, and this is what "spurned" an additional post ~ hers is under comments on the original post.

So, here goes.  First of all, let me point out that Amy just turned 17 last month and she is graduating highschool a year early.  We aren't in any hurry for her to go anywhere. 

I don't have a degrading attitude toward college, it has its place in the educational world.  If you need a college degree for a certain profession then go for it.  But many professions don't need a college degree ~ they do need drive, determination, skill, interest, etc.  I have been a book keeper, sold car/life/auto insurance for State Farm, been an office manager, and been in the underwriting dept. of the regional office for State Farm....all without a 4 year degree.  I did attend college ~ the first 2 years were ok, not great.  Then I took off a year and worked fulltime at a bank as a teller.  When I decided what I wanted to do, I applied, got accepted, went back to school and got a 2 year diploma with a 3.98 average....the difference?  The first time I went and had no clue what I wanted or why I was there, the second time I had a definite goal and interest and succeeded.  The diploma was in early childhood education ~ I worked as a preschool teacher, ran a homeday care, and homeschooled my own children for 18 years.

I've got a son who decided at age 27 to go to school ~ he passed all the required tests and attended college (fulltime) for welding, and worked fulltime also.  Passed with flying colors and enjoyed every minute of it.  But, he decided when to go and what to do.

I've got other sons who either have gone and graduated, have gone and not yet graduated, or haven't gone.  Amy and Will are the youngest of 7 children.

But I totally disagree with going just to go.  To us that is a waste of money, of time, of resources, and of life experiences.  Plus, I think its putting off real life.  The college environment isn't real life, but neither is any other public education venue. 

I disagree with getting a college education because "what if" could happen.  I am speaking from personal experience here ~ what if did happen to me and to Greg.  IF that happened to any of my children, boy or girl, and their family ~ Greg and I would be here to help in any way we possibly could. As for homeschooling and more credibility ~ I don't think it applies.

I appreciate your comments.  They were very well written and expressed.  I wish you all the best in your pursuits.  The Lord has different paths for each of us to take, and its up to us (or you with the help and guidance of your parents) to obey His Will and His Word for our lives.  There are more details I could write about our college experiences but I won't for the sake of family privacy.  I hope you have a fantastic summer!



  1. Thank you, Donna. I appreciate your response. I hope you have a great summer, too.

  2. Hi Donna, I totally agreed with your blog post about college. I feel that college has been pushed on many women(not all) while the biblical mandate of being a homemaker has been shunned. For some reason in todays society women who choose to stay home, raise a family and maybe a make a bit of an income from home is somehow degrading. But if we read Proverbs 31 that is exactly what she does and she does it well and provides for her family. I think your outlook on college is great and much needed in this day and age. I wish Amy and Will all the best with their endeavors and kudos to you for raising such fine and Godly children!


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