Thursday, May 30, 2013

Once Upon A Time ~

Once upon a time ~
in a land far away & hotter than hot,
a little opossum decided to visit the yard
with squawking chickens & barking dogs.
The little opossum decided to seek refuge from the
squawking and barking in a drainage tube leading from the gutters.
This refuge kept him safe from the Chihuahua ferocious guard dogs,
but gave him no viable exit.
One afternoon, Sir Youngest Son discovered the opossum and his predicament.
He dumped the opossum into a bucket, put a lid on it and excitedly texted the King of the Manor to let him know about the catch.
Then Maiden Youngest Daughter (and avid animal lover),
got into the act and snapped a couple of pictures while exclaiming how cute he was.  The maiden also does a very funny opossum imitation!
When the King of the Manor arrived home, he transferred the caged, cute, very scared opossum to the back of the family chariot ~ to transport it to a new home ~~~~ far away from the Manors back yard.
The King & Queen delivered the Maiden safely to church for an early chamber music practice when the bucket fell over from a sudden stop.  There were several tense moments making sure the opossum didn't make his escape and run wild through the chariot.
Then the King drove to a nice field, with a clear lake, chirping birds, and other woodland creatures and set the opossum free.
True story ~ I can't make up stuff this good.
Signed ~ The Queen of the Manor
And since we are a modern Manor Home ~ here is a rendering of the opossum

Please accept my humble apologies for not having a rendering of the Maiden and her opossum imitation ~ it is truly a vision!
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  1. I'm so glad you took it somewhere! We have them all over here and it's not unusual to be sitting on the porch and have one walk up and start eating the stray cats' food. I don't think they even know we are there unless we move. I do have to keep them away from chickens though!


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