Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pondering ~~~~~

Today we were inspired by some awesome preaching & teaching about Scriptures, the Family Economy, loving our brothers & our brothers in Christ, working together as a family, and following the Lord with our whole hearts and lives.  Greg, Amy, Will and I are at the Family Economics Conference put on by "Generations with a Vision ~ Kevin Swanson".

We heard Doug Phillips, Kevin Swanson, the Botkin Family, Dan Ford, Erik Weir and RC Sproul Jr.  We split up to hear as many speakers as possible, with the exception of the opening & closing.  Amy and I went to a talk by Anna Sophia & Elizabeth Botkin and then one by their parents Geoff & Victoria Botkin.  A highlight was meeting Victoria.

Tonight we all attended the closing session together.  A young man sang  a beautiful version of "How Great Thou Art".  Amy and I looked at each other when he was done and our response was WOW!  He was incredible!

RC Sproul Jr. was the speaker tonight ~ I've listened to his sermons on the computer but never heard him in person.  I took notes as fast as I could....Here are some thoughts he presented ~

*The world is made of Gods word.  He spoke everything into existence.
*Reality flows out of the very mind of God.
*As Christians we have a different agenda, values, and purposes than the rest of the world and we should live that way.
*Stupid was born right out of sin.
*The Dominion Mandate survived The Fall ~ be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it.
*Satan calls us to question the word of God.
*Jesus came to this world as the 2nd Adam to succeed where the 1st Adam failed.
*We are to be about the business of reflecting the image & word of God.
*God speaks & it is so!

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