Friday, May 10, 2013

Awesome Time

We've been in St. Louis this week at the "Family Economics Conference" put on by Generations with a Vision ~ Kevin Swanson.  We have heard incredible speakers, bought some great books, been inspired to at the very least come up with our 5 year plan for our family.  We've got lots of praying to do, lots of plans to discuss, and things to implement. And yes, Amy's future does include cupcakes!

Today would have been Greg's graduation day from Mississippi State University with his Masters Degree in Engineering.  He gave up the ceremony for us to be at the conference.  This morning he did find out that his status had gone from student to graduate.  Greg worked very hard for this advanced degree while working full time, putting 2 kids through college, helping with our homeschool, 2 childrens weddings, and several mission trips to Honduras & Haiti.  I am very proud of him for this accomplishment.  And very appreciative that he gave up his moment of fame at graduation to bring us to the conference.

BUT, he did get to walk across a stage tonight.  There was a Historical Trivia contest and by some miracle....we came in 2nd of all the families there.  The top 5 families went up on stage to compete for the grand prize......we didn't win it.  But had a lot of fun!

And of course a highlight of the week was seeing this little guy ~

He liked his birthday gifts we brought (he will be 1 next month) and he has turned into quite the little ham......posing and smiling for the camera!  Amy got him to make vrooom noises tonight while playing with his toy airplane and had him kissing a toy stuffed lion that Will brought him.  She tried to teach him how to quack with his rubber duckie and we are taking his ca ca ca sounds as quacks! He enthusiastically eats his dinner and snacks & loves waving hi & bye!

We are headed home tomorrow and ready to sleep in our own beds.

Happy Graduation Day Gregory!  We love you and are proud of you!


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