Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Got a wedding this weekend!
Gregs pool table is covered in stuff we need for the rehearsal dinner.
Cooking a barbeque dinner for 75 on Friday night.
My Mom is on her way, driving over from GA.
By Friday afternoon, all my kids will be here ~ yippee!

Amy Lynn is cooking all the desserts ~ all from scratch for the dinner.
Trays of lemon bars, + spice cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes, and chocolate cupcakes.
Will is our all round "gofer", toter, and barbeque support staff.
Greg is our Grill/Smoker Master.
He is taking off work Thursday & Friday which will help alot!
Granny is going to make our potato salad.
Hummm, sounds like everything is covered and I can relax ~ NOT!

I've made the centerpieces ( picture next week), am cleaning tablecloths I borrowed from the church, am trying to remember everything to take.  We are getting the house clean for all the visitors.
Today is the last day of the school for the week.
The rest of the week is home ec ~ with a heavy cooking emphasis.

Yesterday was gorgeous here ~
Bluebelle hopped around the yard.
The dogs weren't real excited that the furball bunny was hopping in the yard & they were locked in the house!  Somehow, chihuahua's and a lop eared bunny don't mix!
The chickens are happy scratching in all their new hay.
I planted some strawberries and potatoes yesterday.
Did some general yard cleanup.
Tremendously enjoyed the sun and warm breeze!

This grandma is ready for some grandboy love and playtime!
Can't wait!


  1. I hope everything goes just as you wish this weekend. Enjoy every moment!

  2. Sounds like fun exciting times! Can't wait to see pictures!

  3. The fact that we have a wedding on the same day is a bummer! I would love to attend Amy and Andy's! And the fact that you plant strawberries and potatoes 3 days before is a bigger bummer - makin' me feel guilty I cannot even get a load of clothes washed! Slow down, Mississippi Mama, you're making me look bad!!

  4. Dearest Friend....planting strawberries and potatoes was an excuse to get out of the house and not worry about wedding stuff for an hour!!!!!!!! Then I screwed up yesterday and didn't put any seasoning in the roast I fixed for dinner last night ~ can we say bland? Which then affected the gravy made from the roast drippings! Love you! Have fun this weekend!


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