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The Bible ~ On the History Channel

Last night started the beginning of the mini series "The Bible" on the History Channel.  We've debated back and forth about if we were going to watch it.  And decided yesterday to watch.  Overall, I believe it was kind of "true to the text" but there were some moments in different stories that just didn't ring true.

One was the Ark ~ just who were those younger children?  And why was the Ark leaking in the storm?  Neither I felt were entirely accurate!  The Bible tells us that the Lord chose to save Noah, his wife, their 3 sons (Shem, Ham, & Japeth) and their wives ~ Genesis 6:18 and 7:7 & 13. In Genesis 6:14-16, Noah was given specific instructions on how to build the Ark ~ those instructions including covering the Ark with Pitch (tar) inside and out, which would have made it pretty waterproof.  There is no depiction of them hammering pieces into knotholes when the Ark sprung a leak.

During the Abraham/Sarah/Lot retelling.  The depiction of the 3 men appearing to Abraham was accurate~Genesis 18, in fact some believe that one of the men was Christ.  This is one of the Christophony (an appearance of Christ on earth before his Birth~Genesis 18:22).  One man remained with Abraham while the other 2 (Angels) traveled to Sodom.  While in Sodom, the Angels were sheltered in Lots home from the evil in the town.  The following morning the men took Lot, his wife, and 2 daughters out of the city to protect them ~ there was no big battle with the evil men of the city that is retold in the Bible...Genesis 19:15-29.  The series "failed" to mention WHY the Lord was destroying Sodom ~  Genesis 19:5 states the men wanted into Lots home to get the 2 angels so that they might know them Carnally~ homosexualtiy, exchanging the natural for the unnatural.   Lot's children were girls of marrying age, not children as shown.  Their betrothed were urged to leave with them, but did not.  After escaping, the two girls used alcohol to seduce their father which lead to the birth of the Moabite and Ammonite nations.  These two nations were at war with the Israelites.

Abraham was called upon by the Lord to sacrifice his only son, Isaac in Genesis 22:1-19.  However after the 3 days journey (not a couple of hours like in the movie), as Isaac was laid on the altar he and Abraham had built, the Lord did provide a sacrifice (a ram not a lamb).  The part about Sarah following and running up the mountian was not in the Bible.

Jacob, Joseph, Leah & Rachel, Josephs slave captivity, the famine, etc. were completely skipped.  I know you can't cover everything in 5 weeks but Jacob was the next in Abrahams line as Isaac's son.

Then we get to Moses.  The depictions of the river turned to blood, the plagues, and the Passover are all revealed to us in Exodus.  In Exodus 13:21-22, it tells of the Lord protecting and guiding His people from the city on the beginning of their journey...a pillar of could to lead the way by day, and by night a pillar of fire to give them light.  In Exodus 14:1-4, the Lord told Moses ahead of time that the Egyptians/Pharaoh would follow them ~ it wasn't a surprise when they showed up.  The Lord provided a cloud to stand between the Egyptians sent to destroy the Lords people (Ex. 14:19-20).  The Lord did part the sea and His people made it safely to the other side.  Now, here is where my mind and watching didn't line up exactly to what the Bible said...I assumed or thought I remembered that when Pharaoh's army went into the Red Sea after them,that Pharaoh was with them ~ but in reading this morning, I find no mention of that ~ it does say that while Pharaoh's army was in the Red Sea, the Lord closed the waves and all were destroyed (none remained).  In my brain, that means Pharaoh died also, but its not mentioned in the text.

The 10 Commandements were revealed to Moses in Exodus 20:1-10, however the movie just called them laws/statutes of the Lord.  But never told what they were...They are
1. You shall have no other gods before me
2. You shall not make for yourself a carved image & bow down to it (idol)
3. You shall not take the name of the Lord you God in vain (its not a slang word or a curse word)
4. Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy (day of worship & rest)
5. Honor your Father and Mother
6. You shall not murder
7.You shall not commit adultery
8. You shall not steal
9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor (lie)
10. You shall not covet (want what your neighbor has)

That was a significantly important part of the Bible to leave out in my opinion!

The movie ended with the 2 men being sent before Joshua into Jericho ~ and did show a small introduction to Rahab.

Overall, I do think they stuck pretty close to the Bible.  The 4 of us sat through the 2 hour show and talked about the different storylines, what was correct and what was "story telling embellishment".

As Christians, this should enhance our knowledge of our Bible, the Holy Lords revelation of His history to His believers.  Its a good test to us, to question what we are watching as opposed to what the Bible actually says.  I will say, the most dramatic storyline to me was the Israelites crossing the Red Sea. Very well done.

This could be a powerful tool the Lord uses to draw others (unbelievers) unto Himself and save them. 

It will be interesting to watch the rest of the episodes and see if it remains true (or as close as can be) to the Bible.

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  1. We debated watching it too, but finally decided to go ahead. I liked your review as it is exactly the same things we noticed as well.


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