Thursday, January 3, 2013

Praying for Billy

Many months ago, my nephew Billy told us he was called to Missions work.
Many months ago, Billy told us he was called to Uganda through AIM (Africa Inland Missions).
Many months ago, he had a goal of how much money to raise.

Many months have passed.
Billy was accepted as a missionary to Uganda through AIM.
Billy has raised/earned/saved enough money for his mission term.
Yesterday, an anonymous donor matched his funds raised in the last several days.

Tomorrow is THE day.

Billy leaves for Uganda on Friday & will serve there until the end of July.
Prayers for Billy & his missions will be greatly coveted & appreciated.
Prayers for Billy's family in GA will be appreciated too (Billy's mom is my sister) And pray for his Granny too!

I know he has been prepared for this experience.  But I also know that hearing about it and actually being there are 2 different things.  This is also for 7 long months ~ sometimes it will seem like forever to him and sometimes it will seem like the time flew.

Billy will be very noticeable in Uganda.
He is tall ~ red headed ~ and a sturdy fellow.
He won't blend into the scenery!

We've given him "helpful" instructions of ways to communicate via FB or email when he has the opportunity ~ mostly it was of things not to say...
It wouldn't be a good idea to update his status with ~
"That didn't go well"
"That didn't work out like I planned"
"Oh man, what a disaster"

Knowing Billy as we do, he would do this and think it was funny ~ he's a comedien!  

We are praying the Lord will pave Billy's way into Uganda, that He would work in and through Billy, that Billy would see where the Lord is working and be able to fully participate in His work, that he would stay healthy,  that the Lords work through Billy would be accomplished, that many Ugandans would be drawn to the Lord.

Here are 2 pictures taken on New Years Eve of Billy and his younger brother Ben! They were grilling peppers and onions on the back porch for our Mexican dinner.

We love you Billy!


  1. I will remember Billy in my prayers. It is a blessing to see young people ready to serve the Lord in whatever way the Lord asks. Praying for your sister and mom too as it will be a long seven months for them. {{Hugs}}

  2. Sharon ~ my sister said Thank You! For some reason she isn't able to comment on my blog. And I thank you for the prayers for Billy and the family too!


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