Sunday, December 30, 2012

A B C's of 2012

A friend sent an ABC list as her christmas letter for her family ~ so I am stealing borrowing this idea....

A  ~ all our children are a year older, James 29, Rob & Andy 25, Allen 23, Katie 19, Will 18, Amy 16, & Bryant 22

B ~  busy, busy, busy ~ work, homeschooling, ballet lessons, wedding plans, visiting....

C ~ Christ centered lives
Chickens ~ 6 Buff Orpingtons 
Cooking for church dinners
Cupcakes ~ Amy is an expert cupcake baker & decorator

D ~ Donna is beginning her last official year as a homeschooling mom
drivers ~ our last 2 children have their lerners drivers licenses

E ~ Engagement ~ Allen & Jennifer are engaged
engagement party for Andy & AmyKate

F ~ fun, family times
Fair projects for the state fair

G ~ Greg is even closer to retirement!  And counting the days
Greek ~ Greg know the alphabet...the rest of us are trying to learn it

H ~ Honduras Mission Trip last January for Greg, Donna, & Will
homeschooling~ Amy & Will are seniors 
Hurricane ~ lots of rain & wind, thankfully no damage

I ~ ITP Bryants illness diagnosed in Dec.

J ~ James graduated from his "welding" course at our local community college
jigsaw puzzles 
JoAnn's ~ we finally got one in Jackson!

K ~ Keeper at Home ~ Donna's full time job and she loves it

L ~ lots of love in our family!
Lake ~ we had a fun time at the lake with Gregs family, and 5 of our children (includes AmyKate)

M ~ Missions trips & opportunities
Memphis ~ Amy & Will participated with our church youth group in Street Reach and loved it
Music ~ we joined choir this year and church and love it

N ~ new friendships & renewing old ones
Northern Tool ~ Greg & Will now have a local NT for guy shopping

O ~ Oreo, Amys black & white chihuahua ~ thinks he is the "leader of the pack"

P ~ pneumonia...Greg had a very bad, scary bout of pneumonia and ended up hospitalized for 6 days
Passport ~ Gregs was damaged from a Haiti Mission Trip and he was delayed going to Honduras with us.  He applied for a new passport in Atlanta on a Monday and got 4 hours later!

Q ~ Amy & Donna are learning more about quilting

R ~ Robert!!!!! We have a grandson!
Rob got a 4.0 in his Masters work this semester
winning Ribbons at the State Fair

S ~ swimming in the pool in the summer
Gregs sleep apnea was diagnosed

T ~ wood turning ~ Greg started turning pens on his lathe
Target hired AmyKate, she begins in May!
Thanksgiving ~ everyone was able to be there but Allen & Jennifer

U ~ unexpected illnesses
Uganda ~ our nephew Billy will be a missionary there for 7 months next year

V ~ vet visits and vet bills...a C Section for our Licorice & "boy surgery" for our male puppies
Van to Virginia ~ 7 people in our van driving 800 crafts, sewing supplies, woodworking stuff ~ we were crammed in there, I was thankful for sitting in the front with Greg

W ~ Wedding plans for Andy & Amy Kate
Witnessing in El Progresso, Honduras
Water Slides ~ watching my little friends overcoming their fear of the slide

X ~ eXcited about the Lords working in our lives
eXtra blessed

Y ~ yelling at football games (in person & on tv)

Z ~ zipline...Will took his first treetop zipline ride in Honduras


  1. Wow, You have a busy year ahead of you.

  2. What a fun idea!!! Many of your points made me smile & praise the LORD with you! You don't have to publish my comment... I wanted to let you know Bryant is 22 (he'll be 23 in May) :) Hope you all are doing well! Thanks for keeping up with your blog, it is fun to stay "caught up" with your family :)

    Love In Christ,

  3. P.s. So so love your new background! Great choice!

  4. Thanks Brytni...I will change that!


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