Monday, December 3, 2012

Its December Already!

This last year has flown by.  And now its December again.  We are still simplifying & eliminating many traditions in our home associated with this time of year.  We aren't there, we don't have it all figured out, we aren't claiming to be experts, or trying to persuade anyone to our opinions/convictions/etc.  We are trying to listen to the Lord and go from there.  And we are happy with all our changes.

Our gift giving has been accomplished ~ or will be after we mail off 3 gifts in the coming weeks.  We went with a theme gift for our children (pinterest inspired) and it was a hit!  We've got 3 sons with birthdays this month.  James will be 29 on Dec. 18 & our twins Andy & Rob will be 25 (a quarter of a century guys!)  And Allens fiancee Jennifer has a Dec. 18th birthday also!  There will be lots of birthday celebrations at our home this month!

We are planning a trip to GA after the 25th.  I haven't seen Allen & Jennifer since the middle of August ~ and I need an Allen hug!  And I am excited to see Jennifers hair cut in person ~ she donated her long hair to Locks of Love in November.

Our Christmas music special at church is this weekend.  We've had a great time being in the choir and worshiping the Lord with this wonderful group of folks!  And there has been lots of fun and laughter along the way!  We had a 2 hour rehearsal yesterday, then we have Wed. night, Sat. afternoon, and Sunday night.  What a week!

On Sat., Amy and I went through 6 or more rubbermaid crates, sorting out all of our holiday decorations.  We had piles all over Gregs pool table.  There were stacks for each child, plus a handy trash can, and a donation box.  All of the remaining decorations should fit into 1 box.  We have plans to do the rest of the attic too!

I need some advice from you other bloggers out there ~ I've had blogspot since the beginning...but I am out of space for pictures/images.  To continue here, I would have to pay a monthly fee for more space ~ thats not happening.  So who would be a good one to switch too?  I know some folks have wordpress.  What are the pro's & con's of other blog sources?  I don't like not being able to share any pictures ~ so any help would be appreciated.


  1. It is such a busy time of year, huh? But I love December - we're still simplifying too and it does feel good. Donna, I think you can pay a one-time fee for more space at Picasa rather than a monthly fee. I could be wrong though because things seem to change so often, but I know my photographer DIL did this, rather than change. I don't know anything other than Blogger, so I cannot help with recommendations, sorry.

  2. I just went thru this. So I deleted some of my older blogs then went into Picasa and deleted the pictures that went with those post. That opened up more space for me to post more pictures.

  3. Thanks Girls! I will try to do that.


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