Tuesday, November 13, 2012


counting more blessings.....

45.  Godly Leaders/Pastors/Teachers
We live in an amazing age when we can turn on the internet and find some amazing, Godly Men to preach/teach/exhort/encourage/guide/interpret/share the Lords word from the Bible. (on the flip side, you can also find some that are not good! Be discerning!)
Sermon Audio is a great gathering of sermons that is updated frequently.
We listen to Doug Phillips, RC Sproul, Jim McClarty, John McArthur, Kevin Swanson, Scott Brown, Paul Washer, Voddie Baucham, Ray Comfort, Ken Ham, Steven Lawson, James White, Todd Friel.
One thing all these men have in common besides their love for Christ and His Word is they consistently point people to the cross, to Christ, to the truth.
In a world where many Pastors want to point people to their church, their beliefs, their doctrines, its refreshing to see/hear Pastors, Preach the Word.  Our family has benefited from listening to these men!  
And with everything/anyone ~ check what they say compared with what the scriptures say. Don't just assume they are telling it accurately ~ men are humans that make mistakes.  This is where the discerning comes into play.

46.  Babies/Children
We love them!  Our little grandson Robert is a doll!  He brings much pleasure and blessings to our lives.  Our little church friends are wonderful!  VJ, KB, Corey, Lilly, Ragen, Sarah, Alston, Lauren!
I love all my waves, high 5's, sweet hugs, etc.  They can certainly brighten my spirits and fill my arms!

47.  Operation Christmas Child
This is a huge blessing in our lives and we are thankful for the opportunity to serve and pack shoeboxes every year. The kids and I plan for this all year and have money set aside in the budget each month to buy goodies for our boxes.  Last week, we covered the living room with our goodies & started packing.  Tomorrow we will deliver our boxes to the relay center and also stay and volunteer!  Its a fun, family activity for us and we cherish this time each year.  We've already started planning our boxes for next year!  In 51-52 weeks, we get to do it again!

48.  the Family working together
Working together, we can accomplish many tasks.  Its always more fun with helpers ~ laughter ~ accomplishments!

49.  3 Day Weekends
Oh, how I love these with Greg.  Being a State Employee, he gets some holidays throughout the year that are state/federal observed.  Its like having 2 Saturdays in one weekend!

more to come!

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