Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I hope I NEVER run out of things to be thankful for.....

50. Beautiful, Full Canning Jars
I've been making jelly for several years, but last year, ventured out on my own for Pressure Canning.  I am hooked!  I love opening jars full of goodness for our meals! Right now, I've got some chicken in the pressure canner.  Some meat in jars is an awesome convenience!  Plus, it won't go bad during a power outage due to hurricane/tornado!

51.  Friends that hunt!
Sunday at church I was blessed with the news of venison for our family.  Our friend, Smokey, hunts and he is giving me some.  He took it to get processed on Monday & we should get the call soon that its ready.  We'll go pay the processing and enjoy his venison for many meals.  (Some will end up getting canned!)

52.  Manners
Please, thank you, May I, excuse me, God Bless You, yes m'am/sir, no m'am/sir ~ I realize different parts of the country have different thoughts and customs but we are in the South and these are ours.  

53.  Young Men with courtesy
Holding the door open, carrying heavy packages, giving up their seat

54.  Anticipation
Its fun to look forward to things.  Its fun to plan for future things.

55. Cozy afternoons during the fall/winter
This is when Amy, Will, and I pull out our favorite DVD's and veg for a little bit.  Currently we are re-watching, Season 1 of Little House on the Prairie.  Another favorite is The Waltons.

56.  Hot Drinks
We love our hot chocolate in the mornings.  And our Hot Tea with some honey when we feel a cold coming on.  Very comforting & homey.

57.  Bible Drill
Amy & Will have done Bible Drill at church for the last 3 years.  Since they are seniors this year, it will be their last year.  They have learned lots of scriptures, can find books of the Bible quickly & have lots of fun with their friends learning these skills!  Its been a blessing in our family & I am thankful for this opportunity for them.

58.  Quilts/Blankets
I love the coziness of homemade quilts and blankets.

59.  Simplicity
The older I get, the more I want things simpler.  I'm tired of all the hoopla surrounding everything.  

60.  Seasons
Here is the south, some years we only get 2 or 2 1/2 seasons.  This past year was summer, fall, 2 weeks of spring (thats where the 1/2 comes in) and back to summer.  It was over 90 alot of days in March/April...way too hot.  So we had a long summer this year, now we are experiencing a beautiful fall.  So I am hoping for a winter & spring this year!

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  1. I love canning also. It great to be about to open a jar and taste the fruits of your labor.


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