Monday, October 22, 2012

New Week

I've voted and the decision was unanimous.....weekends are toooooo short ~ which also means that week days are toooooo long!  Oh well, such is life!

I got an email on Friday from "Generations with a Vision" about the Family Economics Conference for next year and I hope you can go.  The fact that it will be held in St. Louis is a plus in my book.  Here is the link if anyone else is interested in this information ~  I wanted to attend the one last year but something came up and we weren't able to go.  I've heard Kevin Swanson & Doug Phillips teach/preach/encourage in person and would like to hear RC Sproul Jr. and Joel Salatin.  (just got an email from Greg....he signed us up for this!)

Greg and I started working on a Hummingbird Stained glass piece.  All the pieces are traced, cut, edges polished and ready to be put together.  On this project, I learned how to score the glass and break the individual pieces (its a little un-nerving).  When we ran our errands on Sat., we went into Hobby Lobby and they had the stained glass pieces on sale, so we got 2 more pieces.  Amy is still contemplating her design and Will needs to come up with one also.  I've got a beautiful piece of purple glass just waiting for something to be done with it...but I don't know what yet, I just loved the color!

This week will be a normal week of school, laundry, animal care, cooking, dance lessons, and church activities.  We've also got a wedding to attend on Sat. evening.

Our menu's for this week are.....

Breakfasts ~ eggs, toast, cold cereal, bagels, oatmeal/grits
Lunches ~ sandwiches, pizza, mac and cheese, ramen noodles, leftovers
Dinners ~ Home made pizza, potato soup, pork chops/rice, something mexican, spaghetti

Pizza is tonight and potato soup is Wed. ~ the rest of the dinners will be spread between the remaining days.

Craftwise....I've got many baby bibs upstairs that are cut out and embroidered, ready to be assembled ~ then I will be ready for the next baby showers I am invited to.  I am working on a cross stitch picture of a "Craft/Sewing Store" ~ I started this months ago but put it down in our fair project rush.  I've also started crocheting granny squares to make into a baby or lap quilt.  My friend Jennifer did one for the fair ~ all the middles of the squares are different and then the outer row or 2 are done in white, then they are joined together with white.  She did hers in cotton yarn and it was gorgeous.  I've got lots of cotton yarn and bought a big spool of white on Friday, so my supplies are in place.  This is an easy craft to take in the car and work on or work on while I am waiting through some of Amy's dance classes.

I've come up with some gift basket ideas for holiday to work on the logistics of them all!  We've greatly toned down our celebrations but still like to "gift" our children/parents with goodies.  And of course, pinterest is a great inspiration for things like this!

Today in Keepers we are going to start on Needlepoint projects.  I am going to use the cross stitch owl pattern that Amy is cross stitching for my needlepoint.  Her future daughters room will be done in Owls (a current LOVE of Amy's)  The pattern is really cute, kind of small, and can be done in any colors.  Her cross stitch is in pinks/purples, don't know yet what the needlepoint colors will be!

Hope everyone has an awesome week!


  1. I immediately thought of irises for the purple glass!
    In Christian Love,
    Grandma to Many


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