Friday, October 19, 2012

Its Apple Time!

There is a huge Orchard Farm stand on Hwy 55 in Missouri.
I've been wanting to stop there and explore a little!
We did on Sunday coming home from Katie's house.

And I bought LOTS of apples.
The bags I got were the culls ~ apples that dropped to the ground or may have a spot on them.
I canned 1 batch of apples a day for 3 days. 
Amy helped lots with the peeling and cutting.
2 of my 3 bags were great ~ the 3rd was a little past its prime.

But we've got beautiful jars of apples ready to be made into Apple Crisp, Apple/Cinnamon Muffins or Apple Cake for this fall and winter.

They turned out great!

And I did a cost comparison for my dear Hubby because he always wants to know if its cheaper to do it this was or buy the cans at the grocery...

I figured each of my quart jars would equal 2 cans of apples from the store.
1 bag of apples made 4 quart jars
Each bag cost $6 and 4 new jars/lids/rings equaled $2.67
Total cost $8.67 (would be cheaper if I used jars I already had but I didn't have any empties)
Canned apples are $1.87 each & it would take at least 8 cans to fill my 4 quart jars
Cost is $14.96.
It would have been less than 1/2 price, if I didn't need new jars!

Thats pretty good savings AND I know whats in there ~ no preservatives!

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