Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Musings

If you like crafts, and free projects at that, Pinterest is the place to find them.
It amazing what you can find on there for FREE.  (We really like free)
I've got ideas/free patterns/directions for...
cross stitch
hand embroidery
baby projects
crockpot recipes
breakfast recipes
dinner recipes
sweets recipes
birthday parties
harvest celebrations
patriotic celebrations
grandchildren ideas
gift baskets
gifts to make
homemade cleaners
homemade mixes (no more little packets)
sewing room ideas
scripture cards
state fair projects
and many, many more

I will probably never be able to start/complete most of them but the looking/pinning is free and fun.

You do have to be careful...there are pitfalls to Pinterest...

too much time on there (lack of self control ~ guilty)
a quite liberal use of blasphemy by others when exclaiming over a "pin"
pictures that are inappropriate (you can report these)
coveting (stuff you never knew you "needed")
too many great ideas and not enough time

I have learned that when you see something you should repin it then because you may not find it again later...or ever.

I am surprised at the guys that like it...Greg, Allen, and possibly Andy ~ just in my family.  Its not just for gals.  We've found some cute wood working projects on there ~ John Deere tractor bunk beds!

But basically it all boils down to this some days...


and one more little funny I found last week....

haha! My chihuahua's love this game!
I know some chihuahua's who love this game!

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  1. Oh Andy loves Pinterest, he just doesn't have an account! He gets on the food page and spends an hour or so each week copying recipes from the internet. He loves to cook, so I'm sure it will help me out - and I love that we can do it together!


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