Friday, September 7, 2012

Hectic is Happening

It didn't take long for "hectic" to come set up residence in our home.
These last 2 weeks have been busy, busy, busy!
We started school last week!
Amy's dance lessons started last week...3 days a week!
We had all of our kids here last weekend, but Allen & Jennifer!
(hectic and fun do go together sometimes!)
We had a hurricane ~ thankfully we just got lots of rain.
A friend at church suddenly passed away.
We had a 3 day weekend!
Cooked our first fellowship meal for the church for this school year ~ between 80-100 came!
Amy accepted a "hire" for baking & is making cupcakes for a birthday party tomorrow.

For the rest of the month we've got...
church visitation
youth activities
a baby shower
homeschool youth dinner
homeschool potluck & activity night
finish fair projects & turn them in
my birthday
Amy & Andy's Engagement party
watching football games
+ all of our regular activities

A few more pictures from our weekend.....

reading with Auntie Amy

3 Generations...Daddy, daughter, grandson

A boy and his grandpa!

Grandma loves to kiss me!

But Mommy...why didn't I get any apple crisp?

Looking forward to our next visit ~ whenever that may be!


  1. What a blessed time you have been having! Have a beautiful weekend~

  2. I love the pics of your grandbaby! He has grown a lot!!!
    So glad you all just got rain from the hurricane.
    There is no boredom hovering around your place! LOL!


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