Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Crunch Time

In 2 1/2 weeks, all the fair projects will be turned in.  We've been really busy and still have work to complete.  So far I've got a project for the following categories completed and ready to be entered....
Hand Quilted Baby Quilt, HQ Pillow, HQ Wall Hanging, Hand Quilted Misc.~table runner,  Machine Quilting Wall Hanging, M Q Quilt (moms pinwheel quilt), M Q Misc.~table runner, Fine thread crochet ~ edgings 36", FC misc.~ bracelet, Counted Cross Stitch picture over 11x14 ~ Donnas kitchen, picture under 11x14, CCS small item, CCS afghan, CCS Misc. item, Hand Embroidery pair of pillowcases, HE picture, HE embroidery garment (jacket), HE Smocked item (dress), HE Misc. (dress), Candlewicking, HE candlewicking (have to frame), HE set of 6 napkins, HE  tea towel, HE hardanger, Hand Needlework chickenscratch, Yarn Crochet Baby Afghan, Ceramics glazed item, Ceramics Misc.,  Bags Tote & Novelty, Wood working/metal arts metal item (dragonfly), Wooden misc. purple tulip plant poke,  Decoupage item, Weaving~macrame angel, ribbon purse, Wreath, paper snipping, stenciled item (John Deere tractor), Mosaic trivet, glass etching.  If I counted correctly...thats 42 items.

The rules are, if the item was made in the current year or the previous year, it can be entered in the 2012 fair.  Some of these, I didn't finish in time for last year so they will be entered this year.

Still in the works are a hand embroidered luncheon cloth (pic will be below), a hand quilted table runner, and a hand quilted wall hanging.  The table cloth ~ I am ready for it to be done, its turning out great but 4 corners of the same pattern are getting tedious.  It will go in Amy's hopechest when its completed.  There are 3 panels on the table runner and I've got rows to quilt on the last panel ~ then the binding has to be put on it.  We've got some grout to finish on the tiled items.  And some pictures to get framed.

Amy & Will are working on their painted wood items.  Every afternoon is crafting time after the school work is completed.  We've also got to get the backing on their needlepoint items & frame their cross stitch.  Yes, my 18 year old son knows how to cross stitch.  Its great for eye/and coordination, reading a pattern and following instructions.  His needlepoint items is a quilt square done on plastic canvas and his cross stitch is a small owl. And Amy is learning some wood working techniques from her dad.  I like keeping their hands and minds busy and this is a great way to accomplish that.

Here are a couple of pictures of what I'm working on...

1 corner of luncheon cloth

hand embroidered scarecrow

cross stitch with beads ~ Rose
These last couple of weeks will be busy! 


  1. They are just beautiful! Have a blessed week ahead~

  2. love that scarecrow!

    and don't forget the string art . . .

  3. They are all so cute! I love the little scarecrow!


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