Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Its funny to read other peoples blogs sometimes.  It makes you really wonder if thats their life or are they putting up a front to look good.  Do they really believe and live out all they share?

I do know that life is messy.  Its messy for everyone!  Some folks are honest about it and some adopt a "Pollyanna" attitude.  Some put up a front and make believe everything is peachy when its really rotten.

I read several different blogs ~ most are listed on my sidebar.  I do not agree with everything I read.  I don't follow what everyone says is the best way to do "whatever".  I laugh at some of the posts because I personally know some of these folks and can imagine the scenes they talk about in their homes.  And I shake my head at some of them because I know that what they write about and how they live are 2 very different things. 

I hope no one ever reads this blog and thinks "Man, she's got it all together" ~ that never happens.  We've got 8 kids, 1 grandson, 6 dogs, 6 chickens, a bunny, a busy church schedule, busy dance schedule, homeschool schedule, and all our household chores.  Some days I would much rather sit on the sofa to read or cross stitch than handle any of the above.  But, as much as I would like it somedays its not "all about me", its about the family, cooking, cleaning, schooling, gardening, etc.  And most of the time, I love all those things. 

In our home we are trying to base our lives/beliefs/convictions on Gods word ~ the Bible.  If we are convicted that something we've been doing is wrong ~ we eliminate it.  If we need to add something additional, we do.  We are at church Sundays and Wed. and some days in between.  We do homeschool, we do most of our cooking from scratch, we grow a garden, we stay home most days and accomplish our "home" work, we have a budget & usually live on it (it gets the bills paid and allows us to indulge in extras like a vacation), we don't sign up for every homeschool opportunity available~if we did we would never be home, we aren't perfect.  And we no one we know is perfect.

In saying all of this, there are some blogs I have eliminated from my reading list.  If reading a blog consistently make me annoyed then I don't need that in my life.  But, it is their opinion and they certainly have a right to it ~ just like I do on my blog.  I am amazed that the people who read my blog, that feel they have the "right" to be critical of me/us and leave nasty comments.  I will tell you the same things I tell my kids....if you don't have anything nice to say ~ then don't talk.  We will never all agree about everything ~ school choice, clothing, lifestyle, religion, worship styles, working, etc.  But I can't be less than honest if I am going to talk about something ~ so that no one gets hurt.  Just don't read if you don't like it.

I am constantly inspired to read about everyones gardens, their harvest, all their animals, crafts they are working on to fill their daughters hopeschests, their quilting, and just some funny day to day happenings. 

We all have loads to be thankful for in our lives.  I do try to be thankful in all things (but its hard sometimes).  I am thankful for the friends I have made through blogging that I will probably never meet in person.  I am thankful for their honesty, their creativity, their sharing, and their openness.  I don't always take the time to comment but I do read them frequently!

Happy blogging!


  1. I think there are some that do put up a front.
    not everything is perfect ,and some seem to make it look that away.
    I do how ever believe that some issues are not meant to be posted on blogs for all to see.
    Goodness knows my life is good one day,and a mess next.

  2. Thanks for your comment Renee ~ that is so true...there are things you shouldn't blog about. I am very thankful for the smooth, easy days and just try to make it through the messy days!

  3. I agree - if you don't agree with someone's blog don't read it. I find much inspiration from many ladies blogs out there - and though there may be things I don't agree with, I try to find the things we _do_ agree on and love connecting to ladies all over the world! :) I, too, am grateful for the friendships I have made from blogs. It can be a wonderful place! Have a great week!!


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