Sunday, September 23, 2012

Childhood/Teenage Memories

Ours had 5 candleholders & I think we had blue Bulbs!

Brownies and Girl Scout pins...On my honor, I promise that I will do my best
girl scout pins
This is the way we dry our hair, dry our hair, dry our hair . . .~ and then came the dryer with the plastic hood that fit around your hair ~ used to burn our ears!
Much time spent using one of these!
Green Stamps...I saved these!
filled many a book with these!
high school
Haha!  Sorry to brag!
First Grade reader....who could forget?
First Grade!

 Spirograph - I remember this - Lots of fun, came with different colored pens...Danger Will Robinson!!

these were the best candies!
yummy candy!  Grape & lime were my favorite!
oh yes!...always looking for the 45 insert!
had these for my 45's
troll dolls
Brownie Girl Scouts circa 1965. Loved the beanie, orange tie, coin purse and brownie emblem!
This looks just like my brownie uniform!
Captain Kangaroo t.v. show
Captain Kangaroo!
Ah, the metal ice tray.
had these in our freezer!


  1. Don't forget Hi Chapperall, Petticoat Junction, Gunsmoke.....We have one of the metal ice cube trays and decided to use it-we remembered Very quickly why they invented the plastic ones. We would pull the handle and spew ice pieces all over the kitchen! Happy Birthday, Love, me

  2. It only spewed the ice all over the kitchen if you could get the metal arm loose, pull it and not stick to the frosty metal!

  3. I loved being reminded of the Green Stamps. I acquired a number of things for my own hope chest by using green stamps. When I got engaged, my grandmother gave me what I needed to complete my silverware set. Fun memories!


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