Monday, September 24, 2012

Crunch Week

Its here....fair turn in week!  We are completing projects.  We still have messes everywhere.  We've got to reword a couple of items to make them sturdier for entry. 
Everything has to be labeled and put on the entry sheets.

I am going to be using the crockpot alot this week!  

Last night was Pizza Hut (Greg declared this past weekend ~ Mom No Cook weekend, in honor of my was great)
  Monday ~ crockpot potato soup
Tuesday ~ crockpot chicken Fajitas (new recipe) with Rice
Wed. ~ pork chops or pork loin, vegetables
Thursday ~ Mashed potatoes, hamburger gravy, vegetables
Friday ~ chili, cornbread (fair entry day)
Saturday ~ maybe grill something

On Sat. Greg painted the walls in the sewing/craft room for me ~ I am loving the neutral color on the walls now.  Yesterday, Will and Amy got up there and cleaned the baseboard areas from all the paint scrapping, sanding, and dust.  Then we got busy and arranged, re arranged, and maybe finally arranged the room (no guarantees there!)~ Greg, James and & Will were my strong, heavy toters and furniture movers.   I stayed up there another couple of hours and cleaned up, put up, made the daybed, ironed some stuff, etc.  Amy helped for most of that.  We also hung up some Farm Scene completed jigsaw puzzles (quilts on either the fences or barns in these), and my large sewing notions puzzle we did.  I put a quilt my grandmother made on the daybed, and an afghan will go at the foot of the bed from my other grandmother (one had quilting skills and one had crochet skills and we benefited from both!)
Amy and I are still looking for a cute sewing type fabric for the windows ~ Hobby Lobby had a cute one, but we can't find it now.  More stuff will be hung on the walls after the fair~definitely my quilted wall hanging.
If I can get the new blogger to upload the sewing room pictures I will post them later (I do NOT like the new format, its harder for me to use).

We are enjoying the cooler weather.  70's and low to mid 80's is a blessing after 95+ degrees for months.

Time to get busy!

Oh, Greg got me a digital picture we need to figure out how to load all our grandbaby pictures on there! 

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