Friday, September 21, 2012

Being a Keeper at Home

This was sent to the members of the Betty Crocker Homemakers Society in the 1920's.  The statements pretty well explain what being a Keeper at Home is.  Some of the changes from the last 90 + years would include ~~~ staying at home: many women that don't work outside the home are never home, we live in a very mobile, very active society; another would be not seeing homemaking as noble, challenging, or influential. and that includes the homemakers.  Most days, especially with little ones, it is a challenge to get the laundry done, nourish yourself, take care of babies, straighten up the home, and get dinner ready.  Routines come in very handy then, and schedules if need be.

I've worked on both sides of the working outside the home/working at home debate.  I've taken little ones to sitters or daycare, gone to a fulltime job, picked up cranky little blessings, gone home, fixed dinner, and did bedtime routines.  I did not like working at offices and being away from my children all day. And for a time, I worked in an ideal environment as my Dads secretary at his insurance office...and James stayed with my Mom.  Many times, I would look out the window and James & Granny were coming up to the door.  But I was still away from my home and my child.  Its hard.  I know that not everyone wants to stay at home ~ many fall into the camp of...I am just tolerating this until my child is old enough for daycare, or school starts back or whatever ~~~ you are missing a wonderful blessing.  And to those who HAVE to work or the basic living bills don't get paid (rent, food, utilities not 2nd car payment, extravagant vacation, private schools),  I pray the Lord will provide a way for you to be home.

I love being a fulltime Wife, Mom, Homemaker, Teacher, Errand Runner, Taxi Driver, Nurse, Cook, Supervisor, Task Assigner, Researcher, Counselor, Listener, Corrector, Guider, Gardener, Menu Planner, Cheerleader, Maid, etc.  I also have 2 apprentices that are being trained daily in many of these areas, some they are quite proficient in accomplishing and there is still training going on in other areas.  Amy will know and have the skills it takes to run a home everyday, Will is going to have the skills and will appreciate what it means for his future wife to be a keeper at home.  I want our home to be inviting to Greg when he gets off work ~ I want dinner getting ready, his favorite beverage prepared (right now its grape koolaid), the house relatively clean, and calmness to reign.  Yes, this sounds old fashioned, quaint, unattainable to some ~ buts its my life and I love it!

Thanks to my Mom for setting such a great example for us! I am glad that she was there all the time ~ trying to "train us in the way we should go".  I know it wasn't an easy job but you handled it gracefully and lovingly!

And as Dorothy said, as she clicked her heels....

There's no place like home....there's no place like home!

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  1. Your mother must be a saint.
    Love, Mom.


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