Tuesday, June 5, 2012

She Grew, She Cut, She's Donating

Amy decided several years ago to grow her hair out and donate to 

She grew her hair waist length, and waited  somewhat patiently for recital to be over for the haircut appt.
Yesterday was the big day ~~~~~~~~

The pictures that follow are of Amy and her friend Morgan (this was Morgan's 2nd time to donate)

before ~ I love their smiles in the mirror!

snip, snip ~ there it goes

proudly holding her "donation"

beautiful new "do"

now its Morgans turn!

Morgan and her "donation"

new "do's"

I am proud of these girls for personally donating to a cause that most people would never even think of.  They've been talking about this for months and counting down the days/minutes for the last 4 weeks.  Many thanks to the beautician who put up with all my picture taking during the cuts!

Amy & Morgan ~ your donation will be helping women who have lost their hair from cancer and treatment.  You beautiful girls have the option, opportunity, and blessing to be able to grow your hair long again and the women will be blessed with beautiful wigs.

I love you both!


  1. oooh bless yall's heart :)
    My Aunt Died of Cancer ,and I know how much a real wig helped her feel

  2. What a blessing that will be! :)

  3. It is an admirable cause. Our oldest did this when she was 13. Her hair was so thick and long she was beginning to suffer headaches. She has not done it since. But our middle daughter is on the venture. she is about half way there. What beautiful girsl inside and out! God bless you both! I have lost a mother in law to cancer and she truely appreciated the wigs made available to her.

  4. That is so sweet of them to do that!

  5. That's so wonderful of you guys! What lovely young women- definitely something to be proud of :)

  6. What a nice thing to do! My hair has almost always been very short. I admire such a sincere offering!


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