Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wow, what a week!

Starting last Thursday, our family went from a household of 4 to a household of 9 ~ Mom, Bryant, Katie, Andy and Amy all came to visit and attend Amy's ballet recital.  Andy & Amy also had wedding details to work on.

By Thursday night, everyone was here.  Andy & Will had their own private "bunk house" in the RV.  Bryant & Katie took Will's room, Mom was in Amy's room and Amy Lynn & Amy Kate slept in the sewing room ~ confused yet?  Actually it all worked out great.

The girls all helped with the cooking and clean up all weekend, so that went pretty smoothly.  The guys helped Greg accomplish some projects.  There was lots of swimming, lots of eating, games of pool, some shopping, and the dishwasher ran lots.  The ballet recital was wonderful & we are glad its over till Sept.  

Andy & Amy Kate met with 2 wedding consultants for help with planning.  And Sunday afternoon we went to see where the wedding would be held and did some fabric shopping for a project they want me to do for the reception.

We also took time out for a little family baby shower for Robert or Bobby or Bobby Lee ~ he isn't even born yet and he has aliases!

Church Outfit

"manly" nightshirt with fire truck applique!

sleeper from Granny

stuffed sheep from Uncle Will

tiny baby sunglasses for swimming in Grandpa & Grandma's pool!

John Deere "I dig my grandpa" onesie from Grandpa

Katie & Robert at 8 months
One thing I have missed seeing since Bryant & Katie got married was AmyLynn and Katie working on projects together ~ this weekend they worked on a papier mache project for the state fair!

James also showed off his College Diploma for his welding certification which he completed in May~~~

He's had a long, uphill battle for the last 10 years and completing this program is a huge step forward in his future and life.  He also completed his diving program this past weekend and how is a certified diver.  Which means if the Lord send a welding job on an oil rig (which is what he wants to do) he is now qualified for that position. 

Vacation Bible School started at church last weekend also.  Will worked with the Recreation Team for some hot, wet outdoor playtimes with the children & Amy Lynn worked with the Craft Team.  They both had a great time for the 5 days of volunteering.
Greg and I cooked dinner to feed all the volunteers and children, Mon.-Wed.
The first night was hot dogs, chips, and cookies.  Tues. night was hamburgers, fries, and cookies, and Wed. night was spaghetti, corn, bread and cookies.  Greg and Will grilled all the hot dogs and hamburgers, so they tasted extra yummy.

So now ballet is over, the haircut is done, schoolwork is completed and 2012 VBS over.
Let the summer begin!

I am working on a project for friends.
Have learned how to crochet granny squares thanks to Jennifer.
We are anxiously awaiting "labor" news in the next month from Katie & Bryant.
Planning a trip to VA to visit Greg's family.
And working on fair projects.

Then there is the gardening and canning and reading and life!


  1. Wow! Sounds like an exciting weekend! Katie looks so cute! I know most women don't like to hear that but... I couldn't resist.

  2. Thats ok Monica! I told her she was a cute pregnant person!

  3. Wish we had known about the Baby Shower, we have some things for Robert and could have sent them to your house for the event. Please keep us in the loop for the get togethers in the future.

  4. 8, 2012 at 5:56 AM

    How nice that the girls had a chance to craft together again! And congrats on that welding diploma!

    I've donated hair twice. It's a good thing to do, but now I'm too grey. LOL

    Thanks for your suggestion about how to use my pretty jars.

  5. It wasn't an official shower ~ just Mom, the Kids and us giving them the gifts we had purchased. They will love getting the gifts for Robert whether by mail or in person.


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