Monday, June 18, 2012

Long Summer Days!

I know that its not "officially" summer yet ~ but here in Mississippi, its been summer since at least April!  I love the longer days.  And I love the longer days with no schoolwork in them!  We are filling our days with the regular chores plus lots of crafting, gardening, reading, puzzle constructing, and some Wii playing.

Amy and I are waist deep in fair projects and baby projects.  We've had 2 baby showers at church and another one this weekend.  Plus my first grandbaby will be born soon!  His official due date is July 3 ~ so it could be anytime between now and then or a little later.  I've been making bibs and burp cloths out of flannel for gifts.  On Sat. I finished a huge (gi-normous, very heavy!!) rag quilt ~ king size.  More about that at a little later date!  I've got 2 squares left to hand quilt on a baby quilt, its a gift that will first be entered in the fair.  We've got granny square fever here and are crocheting lots of these little gems.  Miraculously, I was able to show Amy how to do a granny square and of course...she has taken off and loves them.  She is doing 2 baby afghans that are a huge granny square, as opposed to little ones sewn together.

Last week in keepers we learned how to weave with yarn.  I made a hot pad for the table and Amy made a headband.  This week, we are learning candlewicking.  I've done candle wicking, once many years ago ~ but am interested to see it again.  Candle wicking is also called colonial knot.  Its traditionally sewn on white or ecru muslin and uses the same color thread or wicking as the fabric.  The craft dates back to at least colonial times.   I like having these little projects to work on instead of everything being a huge project.  I can definitely fill my days with enough huge projects without too much help.

Our garden is moving along nicely.  We are getting squash and cucumbers now ~ and tomatoes!  The corn was flattened in last weeks storms.  We picked what we could and got rid of the corn stalks that were laying all over the ground.  Will has tilled up the area and we are going to plant some pumpkin seeds and see what happens.  I have a flourishing mystery vine climbing up the edge of the porch and we are hoping its gourds.  I planted gourd seeds there several months ago and nothing happened until 2 weeks ago ~ now the vine is 8 feet tall.  Our potatoes plants are growing and the temptation is so strong to "peek" and see if we have potatoes but I've resisted so far!  At least the tops look healthy!

We are looking forward to our trip to St. Louis ~ expect lots of pictures!!!!!

And a trip to VA in August.

Then school starts back.

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  1. Sounds like wonderfully busy days! I think summer arrived early here in Missouri. We are supposed to be really hot by the next weekend (which I am sure you know! LOL). Garden is doing well although I am suddenly battling aphids and whitefly! thought I had enough marigolds planted around to deter them...guess not! should have some zucchini by the end of the week as well as a few cucumbers. Tomatoes are still green. It is rare if you get a ripe tomato here before July 4th! (unless you greenhouse grow your garden) Looking forward to seeing pictures of your King size quilt too! hint hint... :)


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