Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rant for today.....And the next 2 years!

After 16 successful years of homeschooling, I am still getting asked that question ~
"Are Will & Amy going to REAL school this year?"
Oh good grief!

So here goes ~ hang onto your hats.....

NO ~ got that ~ NO

At home, my children are able to do in depth studies of...

*History ~ Real, it actually happened history (not the watered down, politically correct, changed ps version)
*Math (they are held accountable for their answers and not give a "boost your self esteem letter grade even though the answers were wrong")
*Religion ~ based on the Holy Bible, supplemented with studies, readings, etc from Pastors/leaders in the Christian world whose opinion we trust
*English ~ we write, outline, research, get corrected & start over
*Reading ~ lots and lots of reading, assigned & text book reading, & their choice reading for pleasure (however, they are not given the choice of witches, witchcraft, evolution, survival of the fitest, etc. reading) 
*Science ~ biology, anatomy, physics, chemistry, general  ~ not based on assumptions & theories that are now taught as fact
*Art ~ both could probably teach a class in this...oil painting, water colors, drawing (pencil, chalk, crayon), designs, abstracts, collage, etc.
*Home Ec
*Lawn Maintenance
*Value of Hard Work
*Assisting at Church, Keepers, get togethers with younger children
*Giving ~ not just receiving
*running a home

And if thats not quite enough for you...

 National Parks ~ Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, Mammoth Cave, Appomatox Courthouse, Gettysburg, Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, Anteitem, Valley Forge, Kennesaw, Mount Vernon, Monticello, Chicamauga, Crater, Vicksburg,  Lincolns Home in Springfield, Lincolns Birthplace, many presidents homes in various states +++++++many more

Museums ~ Creation in KY, in DC ~ National History, Archives, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Mem., Washington Mem., Vietnam Mem., WWII, Air & Space, American Indian, Mints in both DC & Philadelphia, Fords Theater, Art Mueuem, Arlington, Passages Bible Artifacts in Atlanta

They have been to...
Washington DC, 
Philadelphia, PA
Las Vegas, NV & NM
San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, TX
Niagra Falls, NY
Atlanta, GA
St. Louis, MO
Orlando & Kissimmee, FL
Memphis, Nashville, Gatlinburg, TN
+ more

And just because we were in the area...
zoos in several different states
wineries & breweries in different states
Mayfield Ice Cream
chocolate tours
cave tours
History exhibits
craft fairs
World of Coke
Atlanta Aquarium
Animal Kingdom
Hollywood Studios
climbed lighthouses
walked beaches
walked & studied strategy at historic battlefields
been on Mission trips ~ Oklahoma, Tennessee, Honduras, Canada

Can any institution other than a homeschool top this list?
And this isn't a complete list.
They could add to it!

So the answer is NO ~ 
REAL school (as it was referred to) isn't real at all....
*there is no other time in your life you will be with a group of people your exact same age
*your self esteem won't be an issue in the real world ~ you do the job right or you are jobless
*real life is working every single day, earning a paycheck and paying bills ~ being responsible
*standing in line isn't a skill (except at Disney or security checkpoints at airports)
*your educational tract through school doesn't account for strengths, weaknesses, new found skills, perfecting learned skills, changing your mind, what is best for you ~ any or all the time
*History books have been changed to remove Christianity, religion, the Bible...visit the National Parks, Historic Places, or read any textbook written prior to 1950 for the truth
*there really are truly poor people in this world ~ just not in the US
*Your Science book is based on theories not facts
*Reading is FUN ~ sit down, read a book for pleasure...cover to cover, get a library card
*You can learn alot from many people both older and younger than yourself ~ and you never stop learning in life, you will never know it all
*Listen ~ don't always argue or think you are right, your way isn't always the best way

Homeschooling isn't for everyone.
It cost money (over and above the gov. mandated taxes for the ps schools)
It cost TIME.
Its a lifestyle choice ~ not just an education choice.
YOU will learn as much or more than your children will.
You will get to know your children ~ how they think, what they think, why they are thinking that (scary at times, a blessing at best)
Your household/family/faith will be the center of your lives.

Its an adventure, I never dreamed of all the advantages when I first stated over 16 years ago.
Or the challenges, struggles, explanations, joys, sorrows, tears (mine & theirs), opportunities, strength, sleeplessness, exhaustion, energy.

There is nothing like "watching" that lightbulb click on when they finally "get" something.

In short....I love to homeschool my children.
Will has 1 year to go, Amy has 2.

When Amy graduates, I will graduate also...from highschool for the 6th time ~mine plus, James, Allen, Katie, Will and Amy.

Why change?


  1. Wonderful post! Shout it from the roof tops! Public schools do a great dis-service to our kids.

  2. Just this weekend, behind my back, my sister in law tried to convince Laura Beth to go to a real school and learn something. Thanks for the post.

  3. I think you left of searching for brine shrimp in the puddles on Stone Mountain! I got about halfway through and felt like panting! You also forgot that they look adults in the eye and can hold a real conversations with them on adult, interesting topics!!
    Pat on the back,keep up the good work! Brenda

  4. How could I forget shrimp hunting. And then the "eating our way around the world" at Epcots Food & Wine Festival 2 different years. Ahhhhh, educational opportunities are everywhere, you just have to recognize them! Thanks!

  5. Good for you!!! Home Education is THE BEST!!!

  6. Great rant! The list goes on and on for the positives for us home schoolers. Our children really do learn more then public school children in my personal opinion. Melissa

  7. Good for you. Your children will reap HUGE rewards for being taught by their parents, and not from a system that is breaking down by the day. I'm a Canadian that is all for Homeschooling, even though I don't have any children.


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